whatís in it?

hausmarke is basically composed of the same ingredients as normal lemonades or colas, but is additionally flavoured with the delightful taste of coffee. hausmarke was designed to be stronger than conventional cola, but at the same time not so sickly sweet. That is why the sugar content is 10% lower than normal colas, which in direct comparison with hausmarke taste like a weak mixture of sugar and water.

And of course hausmarke convinces with its extra high rate of caffeine!

Besides the natural caffeine guarana, hausmarke is laced with the highest legal rate of caffeine permitted for a soft drink. Thatís double the power of coffee and cola! With 240mg/l, the caffeine rate is 2-3 times higher than in conventional cola.

hausmarke is your little helper for everyday life! You will never forget a party spiced with hausmarke where you boogied like crazy. At home, hausmarke will give you the energy to achieve maximum performance! Whenever you enjoy a delicious ice-cold hausmarke, your body will be refreshed and your soul will be ready to handle your everyday stress!

One sip says more than a thousand words!

hausmarke - die Kaffee-Cola

hausmarke refreshes your body and delights your soul