Find out how itís produced

hausmarke is professionally bottled in a brewery. It is a long journey from the tank where the cola is produced to the finished, crated bottles.


In the first barrel the water is degassed, in the second barrel it is carbonised and then it is mixed with the other ingredients.

In the meantime the bottles and crates are being prepared. The bottles are removed from the crates and both the bottles and crates are fed into the rinsing machine.



The crates take a hot shower.

The bottles are repeatedly soaked, rinsed and cleaned in a seven metre-long rinsing machine. On the lower bottling line the bottles are fed in dirty and leave the upper cleansing belt in an impeccable state.


And now itís time to line upÖ

...for a visual inspection. At this point, all of the bottles are first checked by a person and then once again inspected mechanically for scrupulous cleanliness. At the same time they are dried with hot air.



After inspection, itís quick march in the direction of the filling station.

The picture shows how the bottles are fed into the large filling carousel on the left, how they are carefully filled and how the freshly filled bottles leave the filling station on the right.



In the second carousel, the bottles are then crown capped to keep hausmarke fresh until the cap is removed for consumption.

Every now and then during the filling process the experts check the sugar content of the drink with a spectrometer.



After the filling process, the bottles are rinsed to remove cola driplets from the outside of the bottles.

In this serpentine conveyor the bottles wait to be labelled.



And in the next plant... after one, the labels are taken from a stack and glued onto the bottles by means of a foamy glue...



...and are carefully brushed onto the bottles.




Happily united once again, the bottles and crates...

...then leave the filling plant on another conveyor belt. After a final professional (random) quality control...



...the crates with sparklingly fresh hausmarke coffee-cola take their leave to be stored in the warehouse.

The filling plant team (the team of course consists of more than one person) have put their whole heart into doing a good job so that everybody can savour the unforgettable sensation of our new coffee-cola!