The production, distribution and marketing of “hausmarke” is organised by Hannes Rose.

Since April 2008 “hermann-kola” has been organising the distribution of “hausmarke coffee cola”.

After having completed his civilian service in Brakel in 2004, Hannes Rose started his studies in Hamburg. Following a visit to a brewery with some friends he developed the idea of creating his own cola. Having pondered the pros and cons for some time, in January 2004 he finally registered his own business Hannes-Rose-Getränke. Since March 2004, everyone can experience the pleasure of enjoying his new coffee-cola creation.

The unmistakable taste of “hausmarke” was developed in collaboration with a producer of lemonade ingredients. It is professionally produced and bottled by a soft drink producer (and not in granny’s washing tub!). hausmarke is exclusively bottled in stylish longneck returnable bottles.

That’s why with every sip of hausmarke, you’re being good to Mother Nature!